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Our Disc Jockeys serve the Orange County, Long Beach, Temecula and Fallbrook areas. Our staff of professional DJ entertainers can be found below. Get to know all of our dedicated disc jockeys in Long Beach, Orange County, Temecula and Fallbrook who will be serving your wedding, party, and company celebration.


Southern California's Premier Wedding DJs Providing Entertaining Photo Booths and Decorative Accent Lighting

With over 25 years experience within the Disc Jockey industry, Station Identification has lead the way creating one of a kind Wedding Receptions.  We offer more than just a person programming music.  Station Identification is your complete one-stop source for the entertainment details of your reception. From top of the line Pioneer DJ controllers, QSC Audio and Alienware laptop computers that house over 30 thousand songs to stunning LED decor lighting effects, and everything in between. Station Identification’s staff are experts at keeping all events organically flowing and masterfully entertaining.



Our Toadmatic DJ Video Booth offers numerous benefits for both weddings and corporate events. With a large 55-inch video screen, the booth can display high-quality visuals such as personalized monograms, slideshows, and music videos.


For corporate events, the screen can also display the company's logo and branding, creating brand awareness and promoting the company's message. The booth adds an element of entertainment and creates a unique and memorable experience for guests.


Its versatility allows customization to the specific needs of each event, making it a versatile and valuable addition to any event. Overall, Our Toadmatic DJ Video Booth is a great way to enhance the ambiance and entertainment of any event.


We didn't have to think about anything!  Always a step ahead so we could enjoy our day with no worries.  And the music was on point!

Courtney & Matt

What a pleasure to work with! Communication was easy even with changes due to the Pandemic. You were flexible and there to ensure things went exactly how we wanted.

Veronica & Joshua

They are, hands down, the best Wedding DJ in the business!  What separates them from the pack is their process.  I can't recommend them more strongly!

Kenneth & Chelsea

Wedding Party



We specialize in refreshing and entertaining Ice Breakers for Weddings and Corporate Events.  These are not your tired, ill-prepared games.  They are well thought out, strategically executed and well received by your guests.  They are intended to "break the ice" and make sure everyone will stay longer because it's something fun that they likely have not experienced which will help them have a good time!  Read some testimonials below.

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