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In the many years that we have been providing DJ Entertainment, we have performed more at Wedding Receptions than any other type of event. Our vast experience will allow you to take on the roll of guest of honor, instead of the host or hostess, on this once in a lifetime occasion. You will be able to relax, feast, mingle with your guests, dance and celebrate with your friends and family; making memories that will last forever. Your guests will, most likely, not remember our company name, or the DJ’s name.

They will remember the exciting time they had at your reception. We realize this fact and that’s why we want you and your reception to be associated with love, laughter, and good times! In order to achieve this goal, you need to find the right entertainer that will instill in you confidence in their work, and in turn allow you to actually enjoy the planning process. No sleepless nights, or second-guessing your decision. We know, that finding the right DJ can be difficult and frustrating at times. We also realize, that for most of our clients, this is their first and only time planning a wedding. We have developed a strategic plan to help make the job easier and less stressful for you. Listed here is the complete process we use to make sure your wedding day fits your dreams and aspirations.

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First, we invite the bride and groom, as well as any other family members who are helping in the decision making process, to meet with us for a free consultation at our home office in the City of Anaheim. It is a time to find out about you, your musical tastes, how you envision your special day, and how, together, we can make those dreams become a reality. We will accomplish this by using our incredible reception planning portfolio and online members planning area. You will leave with all of our wonderful planning materials, and you will meet with us one last time one month prior to your wedding day for the final planning of your big day. At that time, we will go over your portfolio with you and make sure we have your opening announcements, grand entrance information, order of events, musical likes and dislikes and any other unique items that are important to you. Ultimately, we are creating a timeline of your reception program. At that point, we turn all of this information into a two-page reception program that will be e-mailed to you for your review and approval. Once it has been approved, we will fax or e-mail an advanced copy to your vendors and reception site.


Our Disc Jockey will bring with him four copies of the program on the day of your event for your Photographer, Videographer, Reception Staff and anyone else you think would benefit from having a copy. It is important that all of your vendors have the same information that we do. Your Disc Jockey should be the captain of the team, but he should also be a team player!

This is tremendously important and should not be taken lightly. The reason this is so important is because if there is no one to run the show, then guess who will end up being the coordinator? That’s right, YOU! This is the last thing you want to do on your wedding day. You can spend $1000.00 or more on a reception coordinator, if you prefer. However, most clients would rather save the money, or redirect it to other important areas of the reception. Well, we have good news for you! You can have both without the extra cost of hiring a separate coordinator. We are your program director, as well as your DJ! We will help you plan your event with the entertainment perspective. There is nobody more qualified to handle this job than your Disc Jockey. Remember, that your guests came to share in this joyous day with you and to be entertained; therefore, your event should be coordinated and executed with this in mind.


Our packages all incorporate two person team, where one person acts as your Event Director, and the other as your Disc Jockey & Master of Ceremonies. On your wedding day, we will work closely with your Photographer, Videographer, and Reception Venue staff in order to keep your event flowing and allow your guests to be continuously entertained. Our goal is to make you the guest of honor by having our staff be the creators of a smooth-flowing, stress-free day as your event director.


Have you ever been to a wedding and had no idea when the next event would take place, or what the next event would be? This will not happen when your Disc Jockey is also your Master of Ceremonies. We realize that your guests need to be well informed. We will therefore make pre-announcements, as well as confident well-executed announcements, during and before all of your major events that will keep your guests involved. Our staff of Disc Jockeys will help create an elegant, classy and memorable atmosphere with our professional vocal techniques.



Do you want to know a really sad statistic about Mobile Disc Jockeys? Most Disc Jockeys are not as knowledgeable about the music as they should be. To make matters worse less than 5% know how to beat mix! Simply put, beat mixing is the ability to match the beats and keys of songs to create a smooth transition from one song to the next.

If done correctly, your guests will not notice the transition from one song to another, therefore, staying on the dance floor for a dramatically longer length of time! We are not just talking about club music, but all varieties of music that are played at wedding receptions and other special events. Our staff of Disc Jockeys are ALL master mixers and will bring this unique skill to your event. Why don’t more DJ’s know how to beat mix?

It takes years of practice to be able to execute it live at an event, and most DJ’s don’t want to invest that much time or effort. We don’t stop there! We, also, will build your music play list for your event based on three factors, our experience at reading crowds, your personal requests from the Online Music Database, and lastly the requests taken from your guest. Your guests are there for a reason. They are your “A” list and should be treated as such. Therefore, requests from your guests will be taken and honored. Unless, of course, their requests conflict with your “do not play list”.


We certainly know that searching for great wedding vendors can be very strenuous and draining. We recommend professional and reliable vendors, including photographers, videographers, cake studios, musicians, and florists. These vendors have worked with us many times and have met our high standards with their positive personalities and professionalism. They have earned the ultimate compliment…our referral! more info

Our mission at Station Identification Entertainment is to create “Reception Perfection” for you. You only get one shot at your wedding day, and we want you to be relaxed, thrilled, excited and most importantly, satisfied with the outcome of your event!

If you are interested to see what our clients and their guests are saying about our services check out our testimonials. If you are ready to book an appointment with us go to our availability page. Here is what to look forward to at your meeting:

  • A meet and greet to get to know you guys

  • Tour of our Online Planning Tools and Music Database

  • Viewing of Highlight Wedding Video

  • Viewing of actual Wedding Grand Entrance footage

  • Showroom visit with Music Programming demo

  • Showroom Lighting demo

  • Showroom Photobooth test drive

  • Go over pricing and packages

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