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Wedding Dance


We are well known for our extremely effective Ice Breakers. These are not your typical “cheesy” games that DJ’s have routinely used for years. Our Ice Breakers were developed and crafted to help your Wedding Reception stay fresh and fun. It is common for the guests at our Wedding Receptions to say “This was the best Wedding Reception I’ve ever been to!” or “I’ve never had so much fun at a Wedding Reception!” Our Signature Ice Breakers help keep your guests interested in your event and they are strategically placed in your program to fix the holes in the itinerary that we call “DANGER ZONES!”

A “DANGER ZONE” is a weak spot in the Wedding Reception Itinerary where your guests start losing interest. Have you attended a Wedding recently? Â Thinking back to that event do you remember any extended periods of time where you were bored because nothing was happening? Â These are called “DANGER ZONES!” and we call them that because we are in serious danger of losing your guests interest which leads to them thinking about the exit strategy.

Our Ice Breakers not only fix these “DANGER ZONES!” but actually create a memorable highlight. They are also responsible for the positive momentum that leads to guests having a blast, guests staying later and guests that are ready to fill up your dance floor!

Don’t just take it from us, instead check out what are clients and their guests are saying by going to our testimonials. If you are ready to book an appointment with us go to our availability page and we’ll email you the following information:

  • Our upcoming appointment availability

  • Client testimonials going back to 2001

  • A sample Ceremony and Reception Itinerary

  • A sample of our Biographical Style Wedding Party Grand Entrances

  • A complete list of all of the services that we can provide

  • A detailed list of what we cover at our meetings

  • A detailed list of how to best prepare for our meeting

Here is a category list of our Ice Breakers:

  • Biographical Grand Entrances

  • Spotlight Ice Breakers

  • Centerpiece Giveaways

  • Dinner Ice Breakers

  • Dance Floor Openers


Guests were effusive with praise for their Ice Breaker Games and Grand Introductions!

Steve & Kathleen

I encourage you to take them up on there Ice Breakers suggestions.  DO NOT PASS ON THESE HILARIOUS OPPORTUNITIES.

Renee German

I don't want to spoil anything, but they have a lot of fun game options and ways to introduce your wedding party that we received A LOT of compliments on!

Yeshe & Elaine

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