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Listed below are the Top 10 Reasons we feel that clients book our services. Many of the items are unique to our company and some of the items are things we simply do better than the rest!

World Famous
Ice Breakers

Our effective and perfectly executed Ice Breakers are intended to eliminate the “Danger Zones” where your guests typically start losing interest in your event. We have become quite famous for our Ice Breakers and you can read what our clients and their guests have to say about them on our Ice Breakers Page.

Award Winning

Through our testimonials and reviews alone we book most of our events AND have received The Knot’s “Best of Weddings” Hall of Fame Award for Disc Jockeys.

Money Back Guarantee

Once you meet with us, view some of our video footage and read through our many client reviews and testimonials you’ll know why it is easy for us to offer a Money Back Guarantee on our services.

Reviews and Recommendations

We are recommended by many fine venues and professional vendors all over Southern California. The remainder of our events are booked based on the success of our past performances. Referrals are responsible for over nearly 100% of our business. So you can see one reason why we care so much about the outcome of your special event.

Two Person Shows

With all of the responsibilities that we have taken on and some of our unique Ice Breakers Activities that we perform it has become necessary to split the duties between two people. Your wedding day will be smooth-flowing, well-organized & more fun for you and your guests.

Online Planning Area

We have created a “Member’s Area” of our website with planners and other resources to help make the planning of your special day less stressful, and more productive. Create your timeline, list all your event details, create your music play list, listen to suggested songs and learn about spotlight events, traditions and etiquettes.

DJ [Master Music Programmer]

The art of beat-mixing allows us to transition from one song to the next seamlessly while your guests stay on the dance floor. The song sort of sneaks up on you and therefore your guests won’t want to stop dancing. Why? All of your guests are dancing to the music which means they are moving to the beat. If the beat doesn’t change chances are they won’t want to leave the dance floor. Let us demonstrate this skill for you live at your consultation meeting!

SERATO DJ Computer Systems

We have state-of-the-art Alienware laptop computers that store over 20,000 MP3s at high quality compression. We also use Serato DJ software and Pioneer DDJ-SX2 controllers to program all of your music. In addition we bring a redundant laptop computer for an on-the-fly back-up.  Lastly we employ UPS Battery Back-Ups which give us 15 minutes of power should our system lose its power for any reason. This 15 minutes allows us to get the house power back up without interrupting your special moments.

Decor Lighting Options

We employ Battery Powered discrete LED Decor Lighting for Wall Up-Lighting and dancing, You'll also enjoy our many Custom Digital Monogram designs.  Your name or Initials displayed on a wall or the dance floor in a elegant format. Click here to see some samples on our Digital Monogram Page.

Video Projection Services

If you are planning on having a Video Montage or Slide Show we can provide all the necessary equipment to make it happen on your special day including HDMI Video Projector, dedicated laptop, Movie Screen and all necessary video, audio and power cables. We will even send the audio to our Sound System. Our system is bullet proof, a great value and will allow you to relax and enjoy the show!


Station Identification exceeded our expectation in making our reception a blast!  Once you meet with them, you too will be sold!

Kristen & Taylor

I cannot recommend them enough!  After our first meeting my husband and I could not stop talking about how relaxed we felt knowing Station Identification was in charge!

Pamela & Dave

I doubted people would be dancing until the end, I was wrong!  The Ice Breakers were also great!  I know at least one guest has already booked them for their wedding.

Megan & Gabe

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