Get to know...

Trisha Bermudez


Trisha is currently attending Cal State Fullerton. She aspires to become an Elementary School Teacher.

What does Trisha do when She is not working?

She spends her time hanging with her family, her friends, going to Disneyland and sometimes doing her homework. She is currently training to work in our office preparing for our events.

What specifically do you offer that is unique and would benefit our clients?

Trisha is very organized, friendly, and personable.

What are your favorite types of events to entertain?

Her favorite events to direct are weddings with a large, younger crowd.

How long have you been an entertainment director and assistant dj?

Trisha trained for 2 months and has been working for Station Identification since November 2010. She is also our Administrative Assistant/Office Manager which has helped her see not only the day of event end results but also all of the preparation that leads to our clients big day. She is a valuable asset to our company and we are lucky to have her!

Quote about Ryan and how great he is and what he did so well at a recent wedding. Quote about Ryan and how great he is and what he did so well at a recent wedding. " 

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