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Stephanie Poff

special interests & hobbies

Stephanie has been a with Station Identification since 2002. She holds a AA degree from Long Beach City College. Stephanie loves weddings to the fullest

I enjoy being the only female DJ with Station Identificaiton. I bring the female touch to each and every event I do.

What specifically do you offer that is unique and would benefit our clients?

What are your favorite types of events to entertain?

Weddings are by far my favorite types of event, the bringing together of two people under God is so wonderful and meaningful. Charity events are my second favorite, they remind me that I have so much to be grateful for and love being able to share my talents for the greater good.

What are your musical strong points?

I am great at reading crowds and knowing precisely what song to play next. I am able to play a variety of fun dance music to create the perfect music program!

How long have you been adisc jockey?

I have been in the Mobile DJ business for 13 years!

Quote about Ryan and how great he is and what he did so well at a recent wedding. Quote about Ryan and how great he is and what he did so well at a recent wedding. " 

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