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Robert Poff


I’m a high school graduate with some college courses under my belt but no official degree. I’ve spent the last 25 years learning and improving on how to be the best Disc Jockey and Entertainer. I attend trade shows and seminars, watch advance training videos and spend time one on one with other entertainers nationwide to polish my talents and provide what the guests at our events often say is the “Best Wedding Reception Ever!”

What I do when I am not working.

My wife Stephanie and I recently celebrated our 11th Wedding Anniversary. We have a five year old girl, Cameryn and she just started Kindergarten at Zion Lutheran School in Anaheim. I enjoy spending quality time with my family swimming in our pool, barbecues in the backyard and going to see the latest PG movies. I enjoy boxing and all of our Southern California sports teams [when they are playing well]. I also enjoy keeping up with the business news and learning about investments. Of course I love music and I am blessed to be able to entertain for a living and truly feel that I’ve got the best job in the world. I get to help make the most important day of your life fun, memorable and stress-free!

What specifically do you offer that is unique and would benefit our clients?

What I offer is not only 25 years of experience being a DJ but also 25 years of experience running a company. I feel this will help make your event a huge success. I feel I offer a classy yet fun style. My performance has been polished over the years to the point that I am booked almost exclusively by past performance referrals, recommendations and it is not uncommon for a prospective Bride to call and make sure I am available before they book their wedding date!

What are your favorite types of events to entertain?

I enjoy performing at Weddings more than any other type of event. Our company has the Wedding Receptions entertainment down to a science. I am such a perfectionist that I have created scripts for all our Ice Breakers and Signature Events. This has allowed us to have templates to improve from, fine tune and tweak our performance until it is perfect. I still enjoy Company Parties and High School Formals too and I think that being able to play for these three very different type of events has helped me become well rounded and much more valuable to all of my clients. It’s expanded my music knowledge and helped me learn how to entertain for my youger guests all the way to my seasoned veteran dancers.

What are your musical strong points?

I am proud to say that I am a Master Mixer! What does this mean to you? It means that I can play any type of music and keep the guests dancing for an extended amount of time without anybody noticing that the songs have changed. This is one great tool to bring to an event and unfortunately not many DJ’s take the time to learn what I feel is the most basic fundamental part of music programming. This will have a dramatic effect on how many guests stay on the dance floor from one song to the next. If you’ve been to a few weddings recently you may have experienced exactly what I am talking about when you see the dance floor being cleared by an abrupt change of the music.

Quote about Ryan and how great he is and what he did so well at a recent wedding. Quote about Ryan and how great he is and what he did so well at a recent wedding. " 

How long have you been adisc jockey?

I have been a DJ since October 31st 1985. Yes that is a long time but it means that you are getting a DJ that has the experience and can therefore help you plan and implement this plan into an exciting event that you’ll not only remember but that your guest will be raving about for years to come! Just ask any of my past clients!

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