Station Identification’s story begins in 1985 when Robert Poff, a YMCA camp counselor at the time, decided to purchase his first stereo system. For the time, it was state-of-the-art, especially since most stereo equipment was typically quite large and not very mobile.

Soon after, Robert and his close friend, Mark, decided that they would go to a friend’s Halloween party. Robert had managed to get himself grounded beforehand (probably being a menace like most teenage boys are), but he knew deep inside that he could not miss this party! When they arrived at the Halloween party, they soon realized that it could be a better party if only he had his recently purchased stereo system. Robert had to get the party hosts permission. They promised the host a bigger sound system with a wider array of music to choose from. Luckily they were granted permission to provide the music.

Well, as they say, never leave your home without your brand new stereo equipment packed away in your car’s trunk – or do they? Fortunately, Robert had his stereo in his car and was allowed by the party host to set up and act as DJ for the rest of the night. This was a life changing moment for Robert as he found his passion, one that he was also actually really good at!

And with that, Station Identification was born.

Since then, Station Identification has created unforgettable wedding ceremonies and receptions for countless couples. In 1997, Robert was joined by his lovely wife, Stephanie, and, together, they have positioned the award-winning Station Identification as one of Orange County’s premiere and best known wedding DJ and hosting boutiques.

What’s in a name?


Robert is an avid Dodgers baseball fan. His fondest childhood memories are of lying in bed and listening to the legendary Dodgers sportscaster, Vin Scully, pause for “Station Identification”. The words “Station Identification” may not be the first things you think about when it comes to the wedding DJs, but for Robert these simple words reflect a happy and important time in his life – just as weddings are to happy couples.

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