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Blake Yerington


Blake attended 2 years at Saddleback College and received his AA degree. He played football at Saddleback College as well. He is currently trying to earn his way to to become a Los Angeles Police Officer and is in the testing phase. He’s also thinking about going back to school to finish up his 4 year degree.

What I do when I am not working.

I enjoy spending time with my family which now includes my newest nephew and my young niece and brothers. I enjoy practicing my music mixing and learning the latest hit songs. I love to ride my motorcycle have been riding for 5 years. I enjoy nothing more than riding on my free days off, working on my car to make it better, faster, stronger! I also enjoy playing PS3 football against my friends online, going to the beach, seeing every movie out in theaters, working out at the gym, and rooting on for my Angels at every home game!

What specifically do you offer that is unique and would benefit our clients?

I have years of music experience in every genre. This includes knowing the right type of music to put your guests on the dancefloor and get them in the party mood. I have the ability to build a special bond with my clients and all of their guests. I would like to think I’m personable. With the help of my Event Director we excel at keeping the event moving and keeping your guests excited about your wedding day. I have been trained by my boss, (expert event emcee’, owner, and friend, Robert Poff) to become an incredible Wedding DJ and have honed my skills at becoming a great Emcee’ and Host.

What are your favorite types of events to entertain?

I have no real preference however I have the most fun at weddings with all different age groups and types of people. It’s fun to see their reactions to all of our ice breakers and signature activities. Holiday parties also allow me to show off my skills.

What are your musical strong points?

Beat mixing definitely is one of my many strong points. I love to mix songs together that most people wouldn’t think of mixing, mainly my favorite music is hip hop, their is just so much you can do with hip hop as a genre, it obviously is one of the most requested at any event. I can play any type of music and am well versed with the most popular 500 songs played at Weddings as well as some of the Old School music. You might see me dancing it up while I’m mixing the music, enjoying the full dance floor.

How long have you been adisc jockey?

I have been a DJ for about 6 years however I’ve been with Station Identification Entertainment for 3 years. It’s amazing how much I’ve learned in such a short period of time. I thought I was a good DJ before I met Robert however he’s helped me reach a new level and become a Lead Entertainer/Wedding DJ.

Quote about Ryan and how great he is and what he did so well at a recent wedding. Quote about Ryan and how great he is and what he did so well at a recent wedding. " 

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