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Nolan Motis

Entertainment Director, Nolan Motis


Mirella is currently finishing an AA in Science at Fullerton Junior College and is transferring to either UC Berkeley or Long Beach to pursue a BA in Forensic Science.

What does Mirella do when she is not working?

I am usually working at my families business and when I am not there I enjoy hiking and bike riding with my dog Roscoe. I also enjoy finding new spots to surf along PCH and spending time with my significant other, Cory.

What specifically do you offer that is unique and would benefit our clients?

I pay close attention to detail and am constantly on the look out to improve a situation. I am flexible and accommodating with the people around me.

What are your favorite types of events to direct?

I personally enjoy watching the ceremony and experiencing the joy at the reception.

What are your musical strong points?

I have a very eclectic taste in music. I enjoy anything that makes me want to dance.

How long have you been an entertainment director?

I have had the pleasure of being an entertainment director since October of 2008 and have continued to improve and polish my skills in order to make our events flow smoothly and stress-free.

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"From start to finish, dealing with Station Identification Entertainment exceeded our expectations of what a wedding DJ should deliver. It made me feel at ease knowing how detailed oriented, organized and transparent you are about what we could expect on the day of the wedding. I had no doubt that everything would go without a hitch and they delivered!.

Taylor and Kristen Inkster
January 20th, 2018

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