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Keys to Wedding Day Success


Courtesy of Eckman Maus Photography

There is no text book on the art of creating a successful wedding reception. Most couples get a crash course on their wedding day and become knowledgeable after the big day is over. They may even sit around together as newlyweds talking about all the things they would have done differently had they known what to expect on their wedding day.

In this section of the member’s area our clients will discover how to make the most out of their special day from start to finish. “The Keys to Wedding Day Success” is full of secrets, tips and suggestions that you won’t find anywhere else, guaranteed. Starting from the Guest Arrival and continuing through to the Departure, the “Keys to Wedding Day Success” will prepare couples in the basics as well as the advanced knowledge of Wedding Receptions. Within this area you will find:

  • The Purpose of each Event
  • Traditions & Etiquettes
  • Suggestions for Alternative & Unique Ideas
  • Activity Worksheets (Example: Bride & Groom Trivia, and Center Piece Giveaway)
  • Tips on how to avoid Wedding day mishaps

We know that you will find this information invaluable to your wedding day experience. We hope that it will prevent you from having any regrets. You only get one shot at your wedding day and hindsight is always 20/20 so do it right the first time! Knowledge is power and knowledge will give you the power to have the wedding day of your dreams. Courtesy of Eckman Maus Photography